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Oct 15, 2012 - Communication    1 Comment

Romeo and Juliet Interpretation

In the film we are watching the film maker changes a lot of elements from olden days features to modernised features. In this blog I will be telling you some features of how we interrupt them. One of them are that they change daggers and ¬†swords to guns , which are used in real fife right now. Another one is the setting in the film is different, in the book it’s set in Verona Italy where Shakespeare wanted his film to be set, but in the film it’s set in Mexico because in Mexico now they are still having street fights. Also in the film, Tybalt dies by having a sword fight but in the film, Romeo crashes with Tybalt in a car crash then shots him twice. Also the Price of the scene was actually the police chief.

Oct 9, 2012 - Communication    1 Comment

The Hand of Fate

At the start of the play , the chorus tells us a little speech of what is going to happen in the play .  The line ” A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life” tells us that the 2 lovers (Romeo and Juliet) take their lives away . It is a bit weird to tell us the story line at the start but then for the whole play we want to find out how and why they kill themselves , so we stay tuned and listen till the end because in this story if you miss a bit of the play , you will not understand what’s going on.

Oct 5, 2012 - Communication    1 Comment

Welcome to edutronic

Hi there people , this is Samy welcoming you to edutronic. Edutronic is a site where you can be able to talk to the world from your very own computer. You can tell the world about how you’re feeling or just what you homework is by publishing your work like I am doing now. When you send your work you can either choose if you want your work to be seen by the world or you can just send it to your teacher by using the private button.  Also when you  publish your work it goes to the teacher first and your teacher decides if it’s good enough or if you need to improve on some things. Edutronic is a new exciting way to produce your work. So have Fun


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