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My analytic essay

My essay.

My essay will be about Romeo and Juleit, on how Shakespeare uses fate in the play. Romeo and Juliet is a well known play across the globe and the majority of people may of read it or heard about it as people say something and refer to this fantastic play. William Shakespeare wrote this play in 1599 during the Elizabethan England

“How does Shakespeare explore the concept of fate in Romeo and Juliet?”

I have chosen to do my essay about fate because I reckon that I done really well in class and this topic and interpretations is another I could of done,but I simply done more work and feel more comfortable about the subject fate.

First of all I am going to talk about how the prologue at the very beginning tells us something about fate. At the start, Shakespeare tells the audience what is going to happen and the spine of the story telling us what’s happens, like the CSI Miami when they tell you what happens at the start(the murder) then tells us the story behind that murder. “From forth the fatal lions of these two foes, a pair of star cross’d lovers take their life”  here Shakespeare tells us that 2 lovers will die over their love which was never meant to be. By saying this in the prologue, it sets up the play as a horror love play

In this paragraph I will be telling you about how Shakespeare uses his metaphors to describe things in different ways. It is really interesting how he describes the characters in different ways using metaphors to describe what he wants to say. A metaphor is a word or phrase that describes one thing being used to describe another.The metaphor I will be using is when Mercutio is trying to help Romeo loves someone else because Rosealine doesn’t like him. Mercutio is trying to persuade Romeo to love another lady. ” And more inconstant than the wind, who wooes” Mercutio is trying to tell Romeo that dreams are like the wind, they can let you down so easily and hurt you serverly, and they can blow past you so quickly. He is saying this because Romeo keeps on saying how he loves Roealine so much but she doesn’t like him, and compares Rosealine to every beautiful thing and Mercutio is having enough of this and he is trying to say the Rosealine is like the wind, she can below past you so quickly and hurt you. So Mercutio has persuaded Romeo to go to the capulet party and see other beautiful ladies, or stay stuck on Rosealine.

The next paragraph is how Shakespeare uses Religion in the play. Religion is a vital part of this play because back then, they only thought that if something happened, God made it happen. They did not believe that it may of happened by chance or they were just unlucky, everything was God’s decision so they obeyed this. A quote from the play which can help me prove my point is when Romeo is talking to Juliet and he said ‘Some consequence yet hanging in the stars ‘  By saying this we all know that he is talking to God and he is saying what ever happens,its Gods decision, and the fate is not in my hands God decides.So God has it already planed out from up there, and whatever the consequences Romeo is saying that it cant be changed

Now i will be talking about the Pathetic fantasy’s used in Baz Luhrmann’s re enacted play on Romeo and Juliet. They use the pathetic fantasy’s like every film does. In the film, it is used when something dramatic has happened. And the one which popped straight to my  is when Tybalt was shot dead by an angry Romeo figure. Before the death it was a normal night, cloudy, but when Tybalt died, it started raining really heavily and it looked like a bad storm was on it way. They use this in the film so it looks like something really bad has happened and they want it to look like that was the wrong decision

The use of the plot of coincidence plays a major role in this play, which leads to this dramatic play of love. And yes it when the servant walks into Romeo and Benvolio just before the Capulet party on that Sunday morning, now thats a co-incidence, just before when Romeo was talking about his love for Rosealine,now he has a chance to meet her at this great party which will be happeneing, but no one knowing that the lady Romeo will marry was at that very party. It is a co-incidence because the servant could of bumped into anyone but it was Romeo, when he is desperate for love this could be his last chance with Rosealine.Another co-incidence was that when Romeo was banished. Just hours after the marriage, to Juliet, Romeo goes and kills Juliet’s be loving cousin, Tybalt. The result of this is Romeo being banished from Verona and will never be allowed back to this City,were his family live and his new wife Juliet. This is a major co-incidence, right after the marriage and death, Romeo is banished so he can never see is wife Juliet and the only ways they can see each other again are for Juliet to leave with Romeo which is highly unlikely because they are rival families or, Juliet faking her death which then leads to 4 more deaths, Paris was killed by Romeo, Romeo saw Juliet’s fake dead body so kills himself but then Juliet wakes up and kills herself. The forth was Romeo’s mother, who killed herself because of the banishment of Romeo. This is a major co-incidence because this marriage or love shouldn’t of happened, and because of this it led to many deaths

My conclusion:

From reading Romeo and Juliet, i have learned different ways in writing. It has been really useful this topic, and im glad I took part in it and i have learned many knew techniques. This topic has been really enjoyable and i feel confident about it.

“How does Shakespeare explore the concept of fate in Romeo and Juliet?”                               Shakespeare uses fate in his play because it is interesting and keeps the reader guessing for the whole play. We know they both die in the end but the question is how they die. Committed suicide or was it meant to be. You will have to read and find out in this play, you can not skip to the end and read how they die, because it will be confusing. And that’s what’s really good about this famous play. The way Shakespeare uses fate all the time is really interesting, it gives us more clues off how this dramatic play of death ends






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