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My question of animal farm

Why are the pigs taking charge and keep on persuading the other animals that they need the important and good equipment(eg.apples and the milk,the beds in the farm house and an extra hour sleep?

The pigs in this book are taking the role of the Soviet Union when Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky were in charge. There are 4 pigs in the book and the names are as follows: Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin,Snowball represents Leon Trotsky, the Russian media are Squelar and Karl Marx(the person who thought communism) is Old Major

The leaders of the Soviet Union established the Soviet Union and created a communist government, stating all the Union are equal

Trotsky(Snowball) is slowly gaining more respect from the people and Stalin is suspicious and tell the people(Russian media) that Trotsky was against the people, so they will all rebel against him and scare him out of power so now Joseph Stalin is in charge.

The pigs are taking charge because they are saying that they need the cleverest of the group and they need these resources to keep them focused


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