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My thoughts on Hotel Rwanda- Scene Analysis

How does the film director use techniques to strengthen his message and/or create an effect on the audience?

The director of this film uses non-digetic sounds to add a powerful affect. This is shown in the part when Paul is advised by George(the supplier) to take the river road.

Emotional music starts playing so something sad or scary is going to happen before it actually happened. The camera turns to an over the shoulder view then the car starts wobbling, which creates a mystery for us the audience as we do not know what is happening, it keeps us guessing what it could be. He goes to get out the car and then you hear an knife sound which was an non digetic included which then creates even more suspense as we wonder, why was this included.

It has a mid shot of Paul getting out the car then surprisingly the main character drops out of the picture . It then immediately turns to a close up of a dead body which has obviously been killed by the Hutu’s, the horror which was meant to bring to us is that Paul has driven over people who are the same people as him, it is meant to show what the Hutu’s are doing to the Tootsies and as Paul is a Tootsies, it is meant to show what will happen to all the Tootsies, as George said “all Tootsies in Rwanda will be dead”. Paul then retreats backwards as he doesn’t want to be touching the dead bodies, he then stands up, and then we actually see whats ahead of him, in the distance.

We see many dead bodies just lying there on the floor, Paul then vomits into his tie, and runs back towards the car, and tells his driver to back away, then the scene changes. This scene is powerful, one of the saddest moments in the film and to top it off, we then see Paul crying, which saddens us even more.

In conclusion to this, i think this scene is meant to tell people what happened to these poor people and make them aware of the dangers which can happen to a poor country when a country has left them in a state like Rwanda, and to keep people aware of what can happen.


  • In my opinion I think that on sammy’s scene analysis of Hotel Rwanda extremely well written because it was in good detail and he was very specific when he was describing certain scenes for an example he wrote ” the camera turns to an over the shoulder shot then the car starts wobbling which creates a mystery for us the audience as we do not know what’s happening” i thought that was well written and I thought that his spelling was also good aswell

  • Also I thought sammy should have wrote in in paragraphs because some people could find it hard to read as one whole piece.

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