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Response Ice Bucket Challenge

I began this by reading an article about the Ice Bucket Challenge which was posted by Steve Rose. I will be responding and evaluating whether I agree or disagree with his views, and evaluate the language he uses. I’m sure you’re all aware of what the Ice Bucket Challenge is, but some people have doubted the reasoning behind the challenge. It started with a man called Chris, who had been nominated for the task which had nothing to do with ALS. They decided to add the charitable aspect to the challenge to hopefully raise money for the charity and awareness of ALS.

Mr Rose is clearly against the Ice Bucket Challenge and his views are quite cynical. In the article he has no positives to say about the challenge and he feels that people are wasting clean water to pour over themselves to get involved. This is shown when Mr Rose states “if theres one counter trend to pour room temperature water on the craze, it is #droughtshaming”.  This suggests that Mr Rose does not agree that the challenge is suitable and that it shouldn’t be happening as clean water is being wasted. This is displayed in the picture he had used where it shows a clueless young boy saying ‘you waste clean water as a challenge, in order to avoid raising money for charities’. He mentions the state of California is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts, and further countries are suffering. I disagree. I feel that they are doing it for a good cause and that those who are able to do it are and those who can’t are not participating in the challenge. His abhorrence for the Ice Bucket Challenge is an over reaction.

Mr Rose’s draws attention to the matter that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge may be disrespectful towards other charities. They may feel that they are favouring this specific charity as the donating involves enjoyment, and not a serious approach to problems. ‘The US department has forbidden diplomats from participating for fear of favouring particular charities’. Diplomats, officials representing a country abroad have been told to stop donating in the form of ALS because it may be favouring other charities, this is ridiculous. Just because the challenge has spread to world wide communities as a fun way of donating, it should be stopped because other charities are not gaining enough recognition. Many charities use fun and exciting ways of trying to get the audience to donate, yet the ALS approach is deemed to be unacceptable amongst the critics. including Mr Rose. Countering how Mr Rose has presented his argument, I feel that it is pretty ironic of him to condemn the challenge, as it is after all for a good cause.

Furthermore, he proceeds to talk about the dangers which have occurred from the Ice Bucket Challenge. He again criticises the challenge but involves the matter of death. The publisher talks about how Corey had died from the challenge in a diving incident. A diving incident? What has pouring cold water over yourself cause someone to drown, this is an exaggerative comment. Death is obviously a serious matter, but for this instance, is it really the ice cold water causing people to die or is it their stupidity causing death. ‘Four firefighters were seriously injured in an elaborate variation on the challenge, in which a firetruck ladder got too close to overhead the power line’. This statement was intended to make the challenge look unacceptable, but it shows how people went to extreme measures and risked injuries. A simple ice bucket of water was needed, no diving, no ladders. It was unnecessary for Mr Rose to mention death to people as it was their own fault the challenge went out of hand, as they chose the complicated and dangerous way.

He also mentions in his article that doctors around the world have warned elderly people about the risks, as well as expectant mothers and people with heart conditions to stay away from the Ice Bucket Challenge. Additionally, Mr Rose is being deceitful. If you are unable to do the challenge due to health warnings, don’t, its not compulsory. Ice water can be useful in some circumstances, ice baths propose to reduce swelling and recovery time after hard sessions, leaving an individual feeling fresher and less sore each day. This would be helpful for elderly people who suffer from muscle soreness, as it helps reduce pain and would be advised, but the challenge is deemed unacceptable.

So, to conclude I feel that Mr Rose’s is very critical, I feel that criticism is not needed. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is for a good cause, it has raised money for the charity and more importantly it has raised the awareness of the illness. No harm was intended to be caused when the challenge was set up, it was meant to be for people to enjoy themselves whilst giving to the less fortunate.

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Argue Coursework

When 2022 comes around, the summer will yet again be the highlight of the year. The World Cup returns and the world will unite in Qatar. The decision to host the tournament in Qatar is one of the most controversial decisions Fifa have made. Opinions are divided on whether this decision is suitable enough to meet standards of the World Cup, and I’m sure opinions will continue to be divided on this debatable issue.

There are many reasons against the decision for Qatar to host the World Cup, and I thoroughly agree with most of them. One of the most outstanding reasons is due to the climate of the country. Temperatures are too high for players to play competitively in, and could reach up to 50 degrees Celsius. Playing in such heat has since been recognised by Fifa as a health risk. So why does the decision still stand? Surely the safety of the players who make the World Cup so special is more important than Fifa pulling out on Qatar. The players cannot possibly survive the full ninety minutes in such a high level game and perform to their best abilities when they’re struggling due to excessive amount of heat. The atmosphere of the World Cup is also one of the tournaments key features. For many, the extreme temperatures may be to much and fans will struggle to up keep up the traditions of a vibrant atmosphere during the tournament in these conditions. This raises the question, ‘How did Qatar even get the nod to host the decision in the first place?’

Furthermore, the announcement to let Qatar be the hosting country has been heavily criticised due to the fact that they’re are strong rumours of Qatar officials bribing Fifa. Qatar strangely beat four countries to the role of hosting nation, one of them being the USA. The USA are far more developed in terms of sport, and for Qatar to beat them in the vote is controversial. There have been many indications that Qatar have bought the votes and there are continuing protests for the elections to be held again, without Qatar. There have been many ongoing stories about corrupt Fifa officials, some of whom have left there posts and some still being investigated. This is the Football Federation under investigation for what should be a democratic vote and as stated, there have been many headlines showing that Qatar did in fact influence the decisions of Fifa officials when the voting stage began. When Qatar was pulled out the envelope, Fifa must have known conspiracy problems will be voiced from all corners of the globe.

In addition to this, Qatar hold harsh views on discriminating homosexuals. The World Cup should be for everyone, and for innocent people to be held against who they are is unacceptable. Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar which in itself should reason enough for taking away the privileges Qatar has been given. Discrimination has no place in society, never mind football. Football is meant to reach out to whoever you are, but Qatar are restricting this from some people. ‘Everything is for everyone’ said the head of the homosexuality comity, and obviously Qatar has views which clash with this. Should they really have the privilege of hosting with such views?

The issue of human rights is also another point of concern. Qatar proposed that they will build all the stadiums from scratch along with improving surrounding infrastructure and buildings.  This a big statement and one that Qatar plans on keeping to. In order to meet these targets, a large workforce will be required as many construction projects are taking place. Of this workforce it has been identified that they are using slave labour from neighbouring countries. They are being brought into Qatar and forced to work. This is going against Human Rights laws, and in some cases people are losing their lives due to unsafe working environments, breaching even further laws. These are acts which are punishable by law, yet they are being over looked. Qatar should not have such audacity.

In addition, Fifa have decided that as the climate is above what footballers are capable of playing in and are therefore toying with the idea of a winter World Cup. Fifa have finally seen there glaring error and are doing everything within their power to keep the tournament in Qatar. This is an awful idea, it doesn’t just ruin the tradition of playing in the summer but it clashes with most domestic leagues around the globe. Domestic football is just as important and enjoyable as the World Cup, and playing the World Cup in the winter will ruin the 2022 domestic league season and popularity amongst Fifa.

To conclude, I feel that Sepp Blatter and his officials are corrupt. This decision should not be carried out. There are many countries who are a more credible option, so Fifa should just accept this noticeable mistake. It’s the fans and players needs which need addressing, not their bank account status.





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English Literature

Compare how flaws are presented in Othello and a range of poetry you have studied?

In my essay I will be comparing how flaws are shown in Othello and a range of Robert Browning poems I have studied. The two poems I will be analysing are Porphyria’s lover and The Laboratory, as I feel that both poems display a relevant amount of flaws in each poem, and an excessive relation to uncertainty which leads to vicious reactions. In Othello,  there is a continuous sequence of flaws which are portrayed throughout the play and that each flaw is displayed for the structure of the play. 

Othello as the main character shows many flaws in the duration of the play, and his flaws in my opinion sets out the structure of the play.  His flaws could be that he is jealous, that he has too much pride, or that he is constantly uncertain. Othello’s uncertainty in my opinion clouds his judgement and actions. Uncertainty is portrayed throughout the play but I feel that it mainly shown in Act 3 Scene 3. When Iago exits, Othello briefly has a moment to himself where he expresses his feelings from the heart. I know this as it is in iambic pentameter. In this part of the play, Othello talks about his uncertainty about Desdemona’s faithfulness, and questions their long term relationship. He starts to talk about why she could be unfaithful, what he has done to deserve this, and mentions that it could be for his age or that he is black. He suggest that he would rather be a toad rather than love and marry someone for other peoples uses. I know this as Othello says ‘I had rather be a toad, and live upon the vapor of a dungeon than keep a corner in the thing i love, for others uses’. He clearly shows uncertainty about the relationship and doubts Desdemona.

Another factor that contributes to Othello having major flaws is that he is characterized by jealousy. He is jealous throughout the play and there is a key part in Act 3 Scene 3 where Iago confronts Othello about his jealousy. ‘Beware my lord of jealousy, it is the green eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.’ Here, Othello’s jealousy is described by Iago by using personification by saying the green eyed monster. This is also a form of metaphors used by Iago, and by doing this it highlights the key part of the quote which attracts the audience even more. As Othello was a soldier, it means that his decisions have to be decisive. Being decisive means that you have the ability to make judgments or vital decision quickly and effectively. This goes against Othello gradually throughout the play as he refuses to give Cassio a fair free trail to Cassio as he did on the Brabantio accusations. Othello does not acknowledge what has happened and jumps to conclusions straight away. Othello’s mind was fixed of the supposed relationship between Cassio and Desdemona so did not think about the situation properly, so refused to give Cassio a fair trail in gaining his innocence. A quote which supports this point is ‘Cassio, I love thee: but never more be officer of mine’ meaning that his confidence in Cassio has gone. 

Othello is a outsider to the Venetian society, and I feel that he uses his misunderstanding on how things are done in Venice to his disadvantage. He feels that everything done wrong is due to him being inexperience amongst the people, and at their fault. He also doubts how women are in Venice and is uncertain of how their nature is. He marries Desdemona quickly, and in my opinion this decision to show love to someone is too early, and consequences were bound to happen. Not too long after their marriage, Othello begins to question their relationship due to rumours circulating.  Othello has too much pride for him to be cuckolded,  and begins to question his decision to marry, this can be supported when Othello says ‘why did I marry’.

In Porphyria’s lover, the character main flaw is that he is mentally unstable which allows the poem to be analysed for my use. He talks about the women coming in, flirting around with him then all of a sudden, she has been killed. This was an unusual turn of events to happen in a poem, but after analysing many Robert Browning poems in the past, I have noticed that many of his poems has a dramatic ending, mainly in terms of tragedies. From Porphyria’s lover, I have developed an understanding that both characters had lust for each other. Lust is a strong sexual desire, and this best describes the women in this poem, and it could relate to the man. It best describes the women as she does want this sexual desire between the characters as she comes in and sits close up to the man, laying her hair on him. It may also suggest that the man does not want to have sex before marriage, the reason why he is resisting her persistence of an sexual encounter to obey the biblical reference of not doing pre-martial sex, but the man could still have lust for her. In a state of uncertainty of what to do, the man decides to kill her. Throughout the poem there have been references towards the bible and that why he doesn’t want to commit to pre martial sex, which gives us an understanding that he could be religious in some way. This could be supported by the remark ‘And yet god has not said a word’ This is a flaw for the character in Porphyria’s lover as he was uncertain on the decision to do with his so called lover.

In Porphyria’s lover, we can interpret that the main character is uncertain on many things, and one of them is hes unsure on her faithfulness in their relationship. This can be supported by a quote; ‘made my heart swell, and still it grew, while I debated what to do’ This shows his doubts within the relationship as he describes his heart swelling. This suggests that he cannot contain the amount of stress which is coming upon him, which makes him say his heart is swelling, can could imply that he has problems of containing a healthy releationship, as its a real struggle for him to be happy. 

In the poem The Laboratory, flaws are presented throughout. The poem is about a women who seeks revenge on her lover as she is with another man, pure jealousy is illustrated throughout. Jealousy is her main flaw in the poem, as it is the main factor for what happens in the play. Each play I have analysed I feel that flaws are how the poem/play progress, and in the Laboratory’s case, her main flaw, jealousy, sets the tone for the poem. Her jealousy proceeds in the poem and leads to her poisoning someone, an evil act someone could possibly do. An sign of an evil mindset, the character shows that she doesn’t want the women to have a fast easy death, but in fact wants her to suffer a lot.  She also wants the man to ‘remember her dying face’ a cruel wish someone can wish upon another person.

Robert Browning adds a fast rhythm upon the poem to describe her excitement of killing someone. He also uses personification to describe the people at the party by saying ‘what a wild crowd’. The use of repition in the poem also describe the importance of what the character is talking about, ‘the poison to poison’. This shows how strongly she feels about the poison and her next steps coming up in the poem. Also, an interpretation I have made is that as there are twelve stanzas in the poem, it may also describe the twelve hours leading up to this day. I made this assumption as each stanza progresses in terms of time and leads onto each other like a normal day, and I think this technique of using stanzas in this way was implied by Robert Browning to show how time progressed throughout the poem, and her eagerness throughout. Jealousy is her main flaw, and this is part of the seven deadly sins, envy.

Comparing the poems and Othello together, I feel flaws are portrayed throughout in order to find a plot to pounce upon, and the duration of them. I feel that Shakespeare and Robert Browning have both used similar techniques in presenting how flaws lead on to reactions of the main character. The two poets have presented that the characters react violently in their flaws and uncertainty, which actually then leads on to death. Death in Othello is seen as a atrosophy,  but unusually in Robert Browning poems, it seems that both characters have done their deed and have not been punished, which relates to Browning’s past life experience of being an atheist.  So to conclude my essay, I feel that flaws are presented in a similar fashion and the plot then continues on from their flaws being exploited.






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