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Now and Then – Creative Writing

My dad first introduced me to the footballing stage at stadiums, where fans watched their beloved team and feel passionate about their performance. I was six years old when my dad brought me to my first game an it was a marvellous experience, at Highbury. It was perfect timing as it was the last season at Highbury which added to my enthusiastic behaviour and couldn’t wait till the game started. It was exciting to be a youngster amongst big men both cheering the same team on. How a single game brought so much passion and feelings to grown adults bewildered me, it was truly amazing, I was stunned. My anticipation and eagerness to watch Arsenal prevented me from seeing what was around me though as when I settled down I was confused. The pitch looked so clean yet the stands were full of beer, chewing gum, and it wasn’t appealing at all. For my first game, I didnt know what to expect, but I later learned. Moan when your losing, be happy when winning and do not care about the conditions, the ritual for becoming a football fan at stadiums.

Highbury itself was a glamorous place, the old fashion design within the stadium drew me in even more due to the history there, but the Emirates was later discovered to be different. The new stadium had its own way of making us admire its features; it was unique and delightful as if it was drawn as a picture. I went to the Emirates a year after my first experience at Highbury, but this place was completely different. It was immaculate. The picture like stadium had made me fall in love with it, the artist has made me forever grateful for this fantastic work of art, the frame work gives me an elevation of joy and happiness, and that everything about it was top quality and accomplished to the highest standard.

Growing up in my childhood everything was based around Arsenal but it was the stadiums where I became myself. Sitting with sixty thousand fans who have the same thoughts and feelings as me gave me goose bumps and an elevation of hair on the back of my neck due to its electric atmosphere. I am now older, more mature, and know this stadium is special and one of a kind. Alongside being a wonderful stadium, it also consists of having incredible fans and support.  The beautiful curves of the silk, elegant design of the stadium was like second home. As a youth I did not pay much attention to the design and what consists within the stadium, I watched the team play and went home, but now I have realized that this stadium is a wonderful piece of craftsmanship and deserves all of my and others gratitude and praise for it. The fans play a pivotal role in my urge to keep on going no matter the costs.

I have continued to show my support and devotion towards Arsenal FC but feel an excess of excitement now compared to when I was first introduced to the game. I get an extra buzz when I return to the stadium, my blood circulation increases due to the Arsenal fans making it a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. As a child, I went to the Arsenal stadium as a day out with my family, but now it feels as if it was a necessity in my life to keep going and be within the stadium with my team. When I miss a game I feel partially guilty for this as if it were a mistake on my behalf. I miss not being next to strangers with the same thoughts as me, the sticky floors and the explosive atmosphere within the stadium. The Emirates stadium is why this happens, the thrill it gives me is an addictive matter as if it was a drug. Whether if it was a win or lose, I would have enjoyed my time there. It’s a pleasure to be a member in this magnificent piece of art. Many would like to have what I have, the benefit of watching Arsenal at this attraction.

What makes the Emirates so distinctive from other stadiums are its luxurious features. Not many give the Emirates its rightful credibility of what its managed to produce consistently over many years. The luscious grass, which is portrayed as if it was carpet, the highest possible standards throughout the design has drawn me into admiring the stadium. The exquisite design of a modern football stadium which looks marvellous, the modern attributes of simple things like better phone connection service, comfortable seating just make this stadium feel like a home. No beer, no chewing gum makes me feel comfortable, it was perfect. I’ve been a member now for 9 years, and hope to carry on in the foreseeable future. It started off with it being a treat from my dad, now it’s a passion and objective to go to the stadium. Each time I leave the stadium, I feel upset as I won’t be there, I miss the friendly environment, the anticipation before games, seeing the other side to my family members and being part of a home, with 60 thousand other fans. This stadium makes me happy, I forget the bad and have a few hours of pure enjoyment.






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